Make sure to browse the wonderful vendors that will be at the Ride To End Dogfighting, both at House, and the BCBC Rescue Retreat! 

Long Rifle Soap Company is an artisan soap company specializing in unique grooming products.  We make our natural soaps in small batches, using unrefined shea butter and locally-sourced tallow. Unlike commercial soaps, our soaps contain the all natural occurring glycerin.  And like a fine wine, our soaps are aged for six weeks before going on the market.

Custom clothes for dogs and people, specializing in large and extra-large (who are notoriously hard to find clothes for!).

I feel incredibly lucky to have found something to combine my twp favorite things: dogs and sewing.  As a multiple-dog owner and foster dog mama, I know how important dogs are to us humans.  I love being able to make things for dogs that their humans will love, while also contributing a portion of the proceeds to my favorite rescue organizations.  The human clothes are a fun side project because I also feel strongly that people should own clothes they feel good about and feel good in.

Decals- Custom or Pre-Made Decals Die Cut from Vinyl Rolls.
Apparel- Just about any decal you see on our site can be put on a T-Shirt,Tank Top, Sweatshirt, ETC! (Car Clubs, Sports Teams, Events& More!).  

My dogs are my world and nothing is better than knowing they're getting the best when it comes to their dog treats! After hearing about so many recalls, I finally decided just to make my own treats!  I'll never go back to store bought again!  I'm happy with my choice (and so are my dogs!). For now, I'm making treats, but someday like to open a dog cafe; a place where owners can come grab a cup of coffee and spend some quality time with their pups.  Yes, this cafe will mainly be for the dogs!  Why shouldn't they be pampered too?!?! With treats galore to choose from, your dog(s) will be beyond spoiled!  That's how it should be, right?! :)