The Brew City Bully Club (BCBC) started in 2008 as an advocacy organization with the mission of rehabilitating the reputation of pit bull type dogs while reducing fear in the community. The BCBC is the only organization in Wisconsin that focuses it's energy on education and community support for this group of dogs. The BCBC fulfills it's mission by providing high quality programs seeking to alleviate suffering, encourage responsible ownership and raise awareness of the positive potential of pit bull type dogs. Understanding the importance of pets in our families, and respecting the goals of the BCBC, the House of Harley-Davidson adds its muscle to support the mission by hosting their biggest fundraiser of the year...  the Ride to End Dogfighting 

This is Renato, which is Latin for rebirth.  He's a survivor of Milwaukee's 2011 dogfighting bust.  He also survived 22 months in MADACC as "evidence".  On April 1st of 2013 the Brew City Bully Club took him into their rescue program and began his rebirth

 It took 14months for Renato to build trust, to understand love and to discover what it means to just be a dog.  It took months of desensitization to sudden movements and resensitization to human touch.  The hard work and dedication of BCBC volunteers and Renato himself resulted in his adoption to a loving forever home during the summer of 2014.

The Brew City Bully Club helps hundreds of kids, adults and animals through a broad range of programs and services including: Rescue, Humane Education, Community Outreach, Community Education and much, much more!  Your contribution will make a difference in countless lives - both human and canine. All donations are tax deductible and support all the above mentioned programs and initiatives.